UV Resin 25 ml for Resin craft Hard Ultraviolet Glue

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UV Resin 25 ml for Resin craft Hard Ultraviolet Glue

Clear Acrylic Resin that cures under ultraviolet (UV) or direct sunlight in minutes for craft decoration, nail art, jewelry making

Curing Time:
UV-LED (6-9 W) 1-4 minutes
UV Lamp (36 W) 2-4 minutes
Sunlight 1-4 minutes
Cloudy 20-40 minutes

The setting time can be increased depending on the thickness of the fill layer and whether you are using pigments for coloring.

It is not recommended to fill more than 1 mm at a time. To avoid boiling of the resin from heating the lamp and to avoid bubbles.

To give the best gloss effect ate the end of work it is recommended to apply a very thin layer of resin with a brush or directly from the bottle. You can also use any acrylic Top coat to finish.

Quantity: 25 ml

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