Embossing stamp for polymer clay "Blue bell" Floral texture plate Flower debossing stamp Acrylic stamps

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"Blue bell" Embossing stamp for polymer clay Floral texture plate Flower debossing stamp Acrylic stamps

Acrylic thickness: 3 mm
Plates size: 5x6 cm (1.97"x2.36")
Flower height: 2.5 cm (0.98")

Our stamps are designed for polymer clay. They create an embossed (raised) effect on the clay. The stamps are made from transparent acrylic.

1. Prepare the clay to a thickness slightly higher than your desired final thickness (recommend 2.5 to 3 mm higher) as the clay will compress during the process.
2. A thin coating of corn flour on the stamp will make it easier to remove the stamp from the clay. Be sure to shake off any excess corn flour before pressing on the clay.
3. Place the clay on top of the stamp and use a roller several times over the clay. Another method is to leave the clay on your work surface and place the stamp on top. Then you may roll or put pressure on the stamp to create the effect.
4. Make sure you peel off the clay slowly from the stamp.

Sometimes clay might be trapped in the fine lines of the stamp. Wash it gently in warm soapy water and use a soft tooth brush. Never use sharp objects or needles as you can easily damage the stamp.

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