Clay transfer paper/Image transfer paper for clay/Water soluble paper for polymer clay/Halloween Pumpkin Cat Witch pattern transfer sheets

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Clay transfer paper / Image transfer paper for clay / Water soluble paper for polymer clay / Halloween Pumpkin Cat Witch Bat pattern transfer sheets

Size: about 9x12.5 cm (3.54x4.92 in)

Instructions for using Image Transfer Paper:

- Roll out the clay on a clean surface. For best results, use white or light colour clay.
- Attach the picture with the bright side to the clay.
- Run your fingers over the entire surface of the paper, making sure that the picture is firmly attached to the clay.
- Leave for 5-10 minutes so that the paint adheres well to the clay.
- Using a spray of water, spray well on the surface of the paper with clay. The paper will dissolve in 10-15 seconds.
- Then gently remove the paper with your finger.
- Dry the clay with a paper towel.
- After it is completely dry, you can bake the clay as usual.
- After baking, the paint holds perfectly and without additional coating. However, you can cover with Resin if you want the product to be glossy, or cover with Polyurethane, or a similar product.

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